Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nightmares and Daydreams

I wish that my dreams did not come true
The ones where you fall prey
To an ignorant fool

I do hope that some come true
The ones where we escape
In each other's arms

I wish I did not have this power
To know before things happen
And live with regret

That's why I hold hope tight
To the dreams I hold
And our feelings shared

I can't escape the dred
That I will never escape
But I will share
Every moment I can
With you

Who can predict the future
I know that even
I can not

I want only your happiness
Not mine, not anyone elses
Only yours

Who can protect me
While you are away?
Only your love
And my faith

Who will be there for me
When no one else will?
You and your trust

I can not love anyone
Like I love you
Yet I fear the worse

I cannot help it
I did you wrong once
And I expect
Only the worse

But I will give you
All I have
Support, love

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