Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Cuz It Walks & Talks Like a Duck, Doesn't Make It a Duck

After a comment that was made this weekend, and the overriding sentiment that it must be true, I'm addressing my sexuality in today's blog. I am a straight female who is somewhat masculine. I love my JNCO shorts and t-shirts and I wear bandannas on my head. Some small children said I sounded like a boy and dressed like a boy and had no boobies. Well, compared to their mom and my best friend, no I don't. But since when was a 38C small, I don't know...ANYWHO!! Well, I told the boys "Just cuz it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, doesn't make it a duck." They looked at me confused, but I think we are all adult enough on here to understand what I mean. Just because I dress like a "dyke" doesn't make me a dyke. It just makes me a masculine woman. I am not attracted to women. I do have an appreciation of the female form, but it is from an artistic perspective only...well that and boobs are just cool. I could never see myself with a woman, no matter how confused I've been over the years about who and what I am. Besides, chiks are crazy. I can at least relate with a guy.

I really don't even know why I feel I must explain this to you all. Most of you know this already, but maybe there is a someone else out there who is like me. You know, it was comments like "dyke" and lesbian that confused me growing up. If no one would have called me names in regards to my sexual identity I would have never questioned it. I knew I liked boys, I just liked their clothes too. No one seemed to understand that you could be completely straight and dress like the opposite sex. There are guys out there that do that to.

What's sad is the men that are like this get it even worse then us females. I remember being in high school and I would come home telling my mom that someone called me a "fag" and she would tell me "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck." Well, you know it might not be a duck, it may be a chicken in clown shoes and a funny nose.

Thought Storm

The rain is falling
And my mind is racing
Words sound like the puddles forming
Under my window
I try to concentrate
But the lightening only illuminates
And revelations boom
Then the gentle whisper
Of thousands of thoughts
I can't make out the individuals
Only the steady hum
And the revelations echo
A common sentiment
Cleansing, renewal
As the power cuts on and off
I wait for the thoughts
To pronounce themselves
As the hail hits the roof