Sunday, September 23, 2012

Note to the Wise

This blog is fixing to become quit serious and/or different than you are used to, my loyal readers.  I know I have been negligent of my blogs.  However in the best interest of my well being, I'm going to be working on and posting more often and I want to prepare you.  Right now I'm dealing with A LOT.  Between 2 overdoses in my circle of influences and dealing with the Army, I have been struggling with quite a bit.  My only solace in all of this is my husband.  He annoys the shit out of me, but he is a my pillar in these trying times.  Do not expect anything Biblical, but expect my normal candor.  I've missed blogging in a way.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anticon. Shirts are Hot

I should have stole your shirt when I had the chance

Cuz now I want to wear it and dance

To the beat of my new found drum

That rings with new sounds that are the sum

Of all the heart ache and dignity lost

That I allowed you to exhaust

(originally written 11/2009)