Friday, October 31, 2008

Common Courtesy on the Roads and at Gas Stations

Have you seen the episode of Family Guy where Peter does the "Grind My Gears" piece on the news? Well, that's kind of what this blog is. In the last 48 hours I've been so frustrated with people and their lack of common courtesy and tact on the roads that I've decided it requires a blog.

First let me address common courtesy at gas stations. If you go to a gas station with two pumps on each side of the aisle, like many larger gas stations, please pull completely forward to the further of the two pumps on the aisle so someone can pull up to the pump behind you. This way there is no wait for gas and you are not forcing some schmuck (such as myself) to circle the gas pumps until they run out of gas because everyone decided to pull up to the center of the two pumps and make it impossible for anyone else to get gas!

Also, make sure that when you are pulling into an aisle at the gas station to look and make sure you are not competing for the same pump. If you pull into that aisle first the second person should be courteous of you and vice verse. Treat it like a four way stop (there the person on the left of you, if they stopped first, goes first). This makes traffic at the gas station move more freely.
On to my second rant... When driving on a busy street, do not move from the center lane to the left hand lane and try and squeeze into the left turn lane when it FINALLY gets an arrow. First of all this is ridiculously stupid. You know if you need to make a left hand turn, so get in the turn lane no matter how long that line is. If you miss the turn lane on accident, find a place to make a U-turn so you don't hold up traffic. And if you decide not to move from your spot like some kind of moronic dog not letting go of a pants leg, don't roll your eyes at the person behind you laying on their horn because they have the right to do that you moron! You're holding up traffic and could cause an accident.

Every time I've seen this happen, it's because A) I'm too nice and let people over into my lane and B) they're inexperienced teenage drivers who probably shouldn't have a license to begin with. So, that said, maybe there is something to waiting until kids are 18 before they can get a full licenses.
OK, I'm sure this convoluted and slightly rambling, but you try writing while at work and your boss keeps walking in on you, ha!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tales of My Girl Scout Days: Survival Camp

Every once in awhile you get reminded of some of the character building experiences in your life. One of mine is Survival Camp when I was a Girl Scout. I was reminded of this experience the other day on Twitter when someone I follow was discussing Boy Scout camp with someone else. I of course had to put my two cents in. It was then suggested to write a blog on it, so here goes.

Girl Scout camp, I think, has a reputation of being easy, but my troop went at least twice a year thanks to strong cookie sales and fund-raising activities. We usually did camping near the Brazos River and some how always managed to get either a "Ducky" badge (camping in the rain) or a "Polar Bear" badge (camping in freezing temperatures). Well, when part of our troop did survival camp, we got both and earned them as well.

Survival Camp only allows you to bring a tent, sleeping bag, a cooler with EVERYONE's meat, and a shoebox with anything else you want to eat or need. We had a wooden spoon that we had to carve ourselves, fire starter (made ourselves), a coffee can, some food, and a change of socks (possibly a change of underwear as well). We get to the camp site and set up our tents, it was a brisk evening and next thing you know it's raining. We had to eat and to do so meant building a fire in the rain. This was a challenge in and of itself but with much trying I think most got a fire going and were able to eat some ramen. Everyone's tents started leaking and we slept in at least an inch of water. We all woke up drenched since the water-proofing failed. That morning, because of the rains all night, starting a fire was even more difficult since all the wood was wet but we managed. Oh yeah and to use the restroom, someone built a box with a lid on it, another dug a whole and put a sheet up, and that was our potty. Oh the beauty of it!

Now with all this in mind, years later, I know for a fact that if I'm ever abandoned in the wilderness I'll survive. I carry a small pocket knife in my car (not on my person) and have a mini kit in my trunk of my car at all times in case some craziness happens. I think more kids today really should share in this experience as it gets you away from the craziness of modern life and shows you what you're made of. I'm just glad it was raining so the spiders stayed away!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Story Behind the Screenname

I've had the screen name MorgansDead for some number of years now. The name stems from two sources. But there is a small story behind it all. When I first got on the Internet I was studying/practicing Wicca. My screen name was my "pagan name." I made that change sometime in high school due to many things that happened in our church many years ago. Soon, I realized the dangers I was messing with and went back to Christ. When I did, I decided that I could no longer go by the pagan moniker and decided to come up with a way of showing that I had put that behind me. Morgan is the crone goddess in some traditions of Wicca and as a symbol of my going back to Christ, as my old life has passed away and I am anew. (I can't remember the exact verse anymore.) Now, finally, after all these years (at least 5) someone in the Christian community online has taken exception to this name. They said it pains them. Well, it makes me joyous to see this name as it is a tribute to my putting my old ways behind me and doing what God wants. Sure I make mistakes, but who doesn't. It's just sad that in the environment of the Internet, one would not ask what a screen name means but just decide to be narrow minded and get upset. So with that, I will get off my soap box and wish everyone a great weekend. I'm enjoying mine so far.

Peace, Love, and Apple Fritters!

Christina (a.k.a. PitChik, or MorgansDead)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to use this for that

But I have decided I'm not going to mess with my MySpace blog anymore. Every time I go to post in that blog, it's down for maintenance or some stupidity. So, here I am. My boyfriend and I have been dating for off and on 3 years (come February) and we've had our share of ups and downs (technically we're not back together but for simplicity's sake I'm going to refer to him as my bf as we are only seeing each other). When we broke up in February, there were many factors that played into that. Some where from an incident the year before (I kissed another guy and then didn't say anything and when asked about it, lied) and some were his personal demons he was battling. In September 2007 we began attending church together, and God began to move within him and the Devil, knowing he was fixing to lose another soul, sent in his troops to keep it from happening. Well, in January (my birthday to be exact) my grandfather passed away. School started the day before his funeral. I didn't handle it well, as I have my own issues, and left for a week or two. When I came back home things were strained and we tried working on things but he wasn't receptive to any of my attempts at making things work. In addition, one of his exes was playing instigator, as much as he wants to deny that. So right before my baby sister's birthday (this year), I had it and left. He begged me to stay and I left. Three weeks after I left he accepted Christ and was baptized at the church we were attending together. I started hanging out with a couple friends I hadn't been able to before. Rumor has it I hooked up with one of these friends, which is not the case. The friend I'm supposed to have hooked up with is an alcoholic and I was trying to be there for him as he battles this disease, but after a month of his broken promises I finally told his friends that they need to babysit him because I'm done babysitting adults. We still talk, but he knows there will never be a chance between us if ever there was one. (I made it clear when my bf and I broke up that I was not jumping into another relationship.) Well, my bf and I didn't talk for two months straight until his best friend saw me and I was depressed, which comes with my mental issues, and told me to call my bf and I did. We met up one Thursday (4/20 to be exact) and talked. I was high and told him that the main reason I left was due to his ex. But a couple days later we sat down to clarify things. I explained how his lack of receptivity to my attempts of keeping us together were the main blame and he told me he had been baptized.

Here we are 6 months later. We had a conversation the other night which is the reason for my Tweets asking how to do prove to someone you have changed (and received the hilarious response "in song" with a link to Saddam singing "I Can Change" from South Park). He has walls up that I helped create and the whole kissing incident in March 2007 is the main culprit in the whole thing. I'm not sure what I'm trying to accomplish in writing this. I mean, honestly, I can't see myself with anyone else. And anyone that brings up the "you were miserable together" line will need to remember that it takes two to tango and he wasn't the only doing things wrong. I've never been in a relationship that lasted more than a year prior to him and this fact is one he has brought up and we've established that it's odd for me and an adjustment. We also made an agreement that we will seek couples counselling if we do decide to get back together. He said he could see that I want that by the look in my eyes. But he still has his doubts about my intentions and what I'm going to do in the future. He also pointed out how I need stability or I get antsy, which is the first time anyone has said that to me other than my shrink. I've made a concerted effort not to read too much into anything he says or does because I've learned through all of this that usually men don't have hidden agendas in their speaking. If he's teasing me, it's just teasing. It's not serious. If he's quiet, it's because he doesn't really have anything to say, or he doesn't want to say something he will regret. I wish I could take a lesson from him in that, haha.

I still don't know the goal or point of this other than how do I prove to him that I'm not going to do that crazy stuff again. I've grown and matured, and the most important, stopped drinking whiskey which has caused me so many problems it's not even funny. I have a beer now and again, but I stay away from liquer as it is a problem. How do we move passed this and grow as a couple? Well I'm done. Thanks for reading.

And due to a request: a link to the song

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm not going to make this habit but....

MySpace, where I would normally put this type of blog, is not letting me into my blog there. I'm really pissed off right now. I live at home with my family, mum, dad, sister, and her daughter. I only can do laundry one of two days a week. There is a reason, the weekend is when my parents do their laundry so I'm stuck with during the week, which leaves the two nights I'm home early enough to start and finish a load. Seriously, two weeks and I only have one load of laundry, sometimes two, but usually one. So the one day I go to do laundry and the dryer is broke. It worked this weekend. My sister was the last to use it, last night, and she has a really bad habit of over-stuffing the washer and dryer. I'm sure that is what happened here. That and I'm the only one who actually cleans out the dryer lent.

Oh, apparently there is no power going to the dryer. Has anyone bothered to check the fuse? Probably not. I mean, Mum just told me the washer works, but how is that going to help me? I do a load, hang it up, and nothing is dry in the morning cuz everybody has all their crap hung up in the f-in laundry room. I'm really pissed off about this. Ok, I'm going to stop because this isn't helping.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Food Review: Gardenburger BBQ Riblets

I had to find something for dinner last night since I hadn't eaten or gone grocery shopping, so I stopped in Walmart. I didn't want something breaded and saw the Gardenburger BBQ Riblets. Chris, my non-vegetarian taste tester, said they were ok, not bad but not the best. I think they were pretty good. The barbeque sauce was a little too sweet though. You really also want to watch how long you cook them. Chris' microwave cooks quite quickly so they were a little over cooked on the ends. There are two individual packets in the box. At 220 calories per packet, they are a good deal for the protein in them and they will fill that BBQ craving most of us Southerners get.

Friday, October 3, 2008

More Diet Info

So, I did have the krab with mushrooms last night for dinner, cooked in a little olive oil and a clove of garlic that I minced myself. Oh so tasty. Then I had me a Shiner Black (it was a dollar cheaper than Shiner Boch). Oh the tasty goodness of it all.

I do have to say one thing about the vegetarian diet, and not to sound gross, but it makes you poop a lot. This is a good thing though. It cleanses the system. Fiber is part of a healthy diet anyways. Besides most Americans don't poop enough. Yeah, I'm talking about poop! I don't mind though, I have always been known for my "potty" mouth, hahahahaha. Oh I'm cheesy. I'm still not completely over my stomach ailments that have plagued me since I hit puberty (bleeding ulcer, IBS, etc) but the symptoms are decreasing and I am feeling much better. Now for the weight to come off. It has been proven though most people store at least 5 lbs of backed up fecal matter in their colon and intestines, so once my body cleanses itself, I'm sure that's a quick 5 lbs gone, at least. I've already started to see a decrease in my belly size. My gastro-intestinal problems have caused my abdomen to push out some and it is coming back, but I think I need to work on my abs some to help in this process as well as they have been built up, sticking out around my troubled gastro system. My body still doesn't know what to do without high frutose corn syrup (HFCS) though. It will take time, and the withdrawals will be worth it.

Well, I must be getting back to work, and will update later, especially after this weekend when temptation is at it's peak for drinking a Dr Pepper.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What I've been eating

Well, I think I'll share some of the tasty treats I've been eating this week.

Tuesday: Breakfast was organic frosted flakes with soy milk (serving size followed), snack was Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate granola bar, lunch I had my left overs from the night before with broccoli added in and cheese, second snack was 10 "Teddy Bear" cookies at 10 calories per cookie and a yogurt, and dinner was a BK veggie burger with only cheese. My drinks: hi*ball energy drink, water, unsweat tea, 2 small oj's, an all natural soda and 2 Bud Lites.

Wednesday: Breakfast was Kashi CDC granola bar and a small oj. Snack was some of those divine wine grapes, lunch was vegan "chik'n" with broccoli and a very small amount of cheese, second snack was yogurt, and dinner was broccoli and cheese (i wasn't that hungry by time I got home last night). My drinks: hi*ball energy drink, water, 2 small oj's, 3 Zeigan Bochs, and all natural soda.

So far today: Breakfast KCDC granola bar and orange Vitamin Water. Snack was the cashew clusters my mum got. Lunch was a BK veggie burger only cheese, no bun. Second snack will be 10 "teddy bear" cookies at 10 calories per cookie. So far my drinks have been: hi*ball energy drink, water, before mentioned Vitamin Water, unsweet tea, and I'm fixing to hit the natural soda. I'm not sure what I'll have for dinner tonight, but I got krab meat and other goodies at home.

Middle of first week: Vegetarian Style

Well, I'm doing good on my diet. I really don't like calling it a diet though. Anywho! Still no meat other than seafood and that was even only once this week. I've been having bouts of dizziness, but I think this has more to do with my sinuses than it does my eating habits. I do need to test my blood sugar when I get home to see if it's low. If it is, I'm going to need to inject more protein into my diet some how. I'll figure that out in the grocery store this weekend. I'm enjoying the food I eat though and that's the amazing thing. I've also not had any high fructose corn syrup all week either, which this could be withdrawals as well. Well, this is brief, I'm going to run.