Thursday, October 2, 2008

What I've been eating

Well, I think I'll share some of the tasty treats I've been eating this week.

Tuesday: Breakfast was organic frosted flakes with soy milk (serving size followed), snack was Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate granola bar, lunch I had my left overs from the night before with broccoli added in and cheese, second snack was 10 "Teddy Bear" cookies at 10 calories per cookie and a yogurt, and dinner was a BK veggie burger with only cheese. My drinks: hi*ball energy drink, water, unsweat tea, 2 small oj's, an all natural soda and 2 Bud Lites.

Wednesday: Breakfast was Kashi CDC granola bar and a small oj. Snack was some of those divine wine grapes, lunch was vegan "chik'n" with broccoli and a very small amount of cheese, second snack was yogurt, and dinner was broccoli and cheese (i wasn't that hungry by time I got home last night). My drinks: hi*ball energy drink, water, 2 small oj's, 3 Zeigan Bochs, and all natural soda.

So far today: Breakfast KCDC granola bar and orange Vitamin Water. Snack was the cashew clusters my mum got. Lunch was a BK veggie burger only cheese, no bun. Second snack will be 10 "teddy bear" cookies at 10 calories per cookie. So far my drinks have been: hi*ball energy drink, water, before mentioned Vitamin Water, unsweet tea, and I'm fixing to hit the natural soda. I'm not sure what I'll have for dinner tonight, but I got krab meat and other goodies at home.

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