Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Story Behind the Screenname

I've had the screen name MorgansDead for some number of years now. The name stems from two sources. But there is a small story behind it all. When I first got on the Internet I was studying/practicing Wicca. My screen name was my "pagan name." I made that change sometime in high school due to many things that happened in our church many years ago. Soon, I realized the dangers I was messing with and went back to Christ. When I did, I decided that I could no longer go by the pagan moniker and decided to come up with a way of showing that I had put that behind me. Morgan is the crone goddess in some traditions of Wicca and as a symbol of my going back to Christ, as my old life has passed away and I am anew. (I can't remember the exact verse anymore.) Now, finally, after all these years (at least 5) someone in the Christian community online has taken exception to this name. They said it pains them. Well, it makes me joyous to see this name as it is a tribute to my putting my old ways behind me and doing what God wants. Sure I make mistakes, but who doesn't. It's just sad that in the environment of the Internet, one would not ask what a screen name means but just decide to be narrow minded and get upset. So with that, I will get off my soap box and wish everyone a great weekend. I'm enjoying mine so far.

Peace, Love, and Apple Fritters!

Christina (a.k.a. PitChik, or MorgansDead)


Vered - MomGrind said...

Interesting... I must admit that the name freaked me out a little when I first saw it. :)

PitChiK said...

I'm sure many people don't talk to me to begin with online because of the name.

Ari Koinuma said...

I have a screen name I've been using for a long time as well, and I picked it for sentimental reasons. I'm not using it much any more, as I'm building up my personal brand.

But a name is not to be taken lightly, as it identifies who we are. So it's cool that you put some thoughts into your screen name.


PitChiK said...

Thanks! If Paganism has taught me anything is the importance of names and symbolism. I think more people should think about their screenname before using it as it does reveal a part of your true self.

GadgetVirtusoso said...

Not the explaination I was expecting. I was thinking it was for a dead pet, relative or friend in some sort of bizarre tribute. Not that I think you're bizarre, or do I???? The world may never know.

@ImWendy said...

Ohhhh so *that's* what it means! I have to admit I wondered, but I think I followed you because I wanted to know more. lol.

Sucks people on the net can be such self righteous asses sometimes.