Friday, October 31, 2008

Common Courtesy on the Roads and at Gas Stations

Have you seen the episode of Family Guy where Peter does the "Grind My Gears" piece on the news? Well, that's kind of what this blog is. In the last 48 hours I've been so frustrated with people and their lack of common courtesy and tact on the roads that I've decided it requires a blog.

First let me address common courtesy at gas stations. If you go to a gas station with two pumps on each side of the aisle, like many larger gas stations, please pull completely forward to the further of the two pumps on the aisle so someone can pull up to the pump behind you. This way there is no wait for gas and you are not forcing some schmuck (such as myself) to circle the gas pumps until they run out of gas because everyone decided to pull up to the center of the two pumps and make it impossible for anyone else to get gas!

Also, make sure that when you are pulling into an aisle at the gas station to look and make sure you are not competing for the same pump. If you pull into that aisle first the second person should be courteous of you and vice verse. Treat it like a four way stop (there the person on the left of you, if they stopped first, goes first). This makes traffic at the gas station move more freely.
On to my second rant... When driving on a busy street, do not move from the center lane to the left hand lane and try and squeeze into the left turn lane when it FINALLY gets an arrow. First of all this is ridiculously stupid. You know if you need to make a left hand turn, so get in the turn lane no matter how long that line is. If you miss the turn lane on accident, find a place to make a U-turn so you don't hold up traffic. And if you decide not to move from your spot like some kind of moronic dog not letting go of a pants leg, don't roll your eyes at the person behind you laying on their horn because they have the right to do that you moron! You're holding up traffic and could cause an accident.

Every time I've seen this happen, it's because A) I'm too nice and let people over into my lane and B) they're inexperienced teenage drivers who probably shouldn't have a license to begin with. So, that said, maybe there is something to waiting until kids are 18 before they can get a full licenses.
OK, I'm sure this convoluted and slightly rambling, but you try writing while at work and your boss keeps walking in on you, ha!

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