Sunday, August 9, 2009

In the Middle of the Night

Images flash before staring eyes.
Please call the yellow haired, orange-skinned woman
With pancaked make-up and artificial smile,
Because she needs a few good men.
But first ask your doctor
If this busy bee can help,
With your waist size
Or your waste of a job.
Buy the latest Motor City-Tokyo monster.
Because dirty boys get cleaned,
Washed like the cash you get from your mail.
Tom Bosoley says it works.
Juggle with endless debt
While drinking our tasty hops
That make you popular and attractive
Like the ad you found in the yellow pages.
Heavy plastics, sold by legends and pimple faced kids,
Protect from the most embarrassing itch,
That the caramel haired, orange skinned girl
Requested of you.
But there is hope,
Find the remote.

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