Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am Not a Happy Camper

I love my new iPhone, but I now do not love AT&T like I used to.

Thursday, I went in to upgrade my phone, and was most likely going to get the iPhone, but there was one thing that was very important to me, that I could send pictures via text message. Email doesn't work since I'm sending these pics to B. Do I need to explain that one? No? Good! I asked the sales rep, point blank, if I could send pictures via text on the phone. Her response was yes. Not "yes, but not yet" or "not yet, but you should be able to by the end of summer." Her answer was just "yes." I said good cuz my fiancee really likes to get pictures and emails is not an option. I went with the 3G since I have no need for video capabilities or an overly large memory and had a budget of $200 for phone and accessories. I got the phone home, loved it, but didn't even attempt to send my first pic via text message until last night at about 9 pm. I could not. So I went online and got the customer service number to ask AT&T about it. Customer service was closed and said that they would be closed on Sunday as well! That made me really angry as that meant I would have to go to a store to talk to someone, wasting gas.

I did my ranting online and found out that there were two law suits against AT&T about this. I mean my beat up old ass Razr can send pictures via text! Their best selling phone should be able to. According to Apples site, the phone is capable of doing this, but it's based on your cell phone provider. AT&T being the largest provider to the iPhone should have already had this in place.

Well this afternoon, I went to the AT&T store that I purchased my iPhone from and had to complain since the sales associate lied to me there. I talked to the "manager on duty" and he was nice enough, doing the whole acknowledging my complaints but not saying anything. I mean there really isn't much he can do since he doesn't have the information that I needed, i.e. when is MMS going to be available. I'm not sure what, if anything is going to happen to the sales rep. I then asked the manager how much it would be to cancel the line for my air card as I no longer use it, having wireless everywhere that I need to use my laptop. He tells me $120 after looking at my account. I said ok. But he then proceeds to tell me that if we changed the line to a family plan and add unlimited text, there would not be a cancellation fee and I could put the SIM card in one of my back up phones with a camera and send pics that way. I agree with it since it would save me about $30 a month over my current bill doing it that way.

I get home and put the SIM card from my air card into my Razr I was using before the iPhone. I send B an old pic that was still on my phone and it would not send. I look online and the text block was still on despite there being unlimited texting on the phone! I then had to go to the AT&T store again, but I wasn't about to go back to the Highlands store. That is the one I've been having all the trouble with. So I drove all the way to the Mansfield store where they are always very helpful. Russel, who helped me, was very nice and did the best he could for me. I told him everything that happened. We looked at my account and he took the text block off. We reset the Razr and tried to send a text again. Nothing. He tried to send a text to it. Nothing. He looked at my account again and the block had cleared. So he took out my SIM card and put in their demo card. The phone sent and received a message. We had to prove it wasn't the phone.

At this juncture he asks me if I would like a new SIM card. I told him that what I really wanted to do earlier was just cancel the line. The manager on duty at the other store told me it would be $120. Well, since we changed the plan two hours before, it is now $175 to cancel that line! I told him to do it. That line is now disconnected.

I'm calling the customer service line tomorrow and talking to them. It is not fair that I should be charged that much for a line that just got changed. There is a certain amount of time that you are allowed to change your mind and I believe it is longer than two hours! I also want to complain to someone that can actually do something other than nod at me about my troubles with the Highland store.

Honestly if you go to an AT&T store in the Arlington area, do NOT go to the Highland store on I20! Go to either the one in Mansfield or another corporate store. You also do not want to go to an authorized dealer. I only go to corporate stores.

Thanks for listening to me bitch all weekend guys!


Wendy K (herosamich) said...

I got rid of verizon due to money issues ($100 amonth for 2 phones & 700 shared min) We went to Vigin Mobile pay as you go. It now costs me $21.20 each for a 200 min pack. We just have a basic phone, no pics or texts. My sister has all the bells and whistles on her phone which is also from Virgin mobile. We have no need for all that stuff, but we love our new phones & plan. It actually saves me $60 a month.

PitChiK said...

I use text and pics more than anything else... I have to have a contract line because of that. I've done all the main pay as you go services and I actually save money having a contract.