Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me, Myself, and I

So like I said earlier today on Twitter and Facebook, I think I should write blogs based on the somewhat hilarious conversations in my head. So here is a sample, not the most brilliant but it's a reality, lol.

Me: I'm so happy!
Myself: Let's analyze why!
I: But happiness is fleeting *whine*
Myself: Stop whining fool! Let's see, is there a logical reason for your happiness, Me?
Me: I think so, B is pretty cool. And not only is there the entire B thing, but also school.
Myself: Logic dictates that these are not chemically based emotions.
Me: Yes, and I'm not showing any of the normal "maniac" signs, like over or under eating or staying up late.
Myself: Nor signs of a chemical depression, such as the eating thing and over sleeping.
I: But what about... *sniffle*
Me & Myself: Shut up!
Me: Yes, I've noticed this as well.
I: The other shoe will drop, you'll see!
Myself: "The other shoe" is only a metaphor for your predisposition towards pessimism and melancholy, they didn't say they called you "Joy because she brings Misery" without reason hun.
I: Be nice! Misery was a friends nickname!
Myself: And what you projected walking amongst people in high school.
I: You don't love me!
Myself: What in the world are you talking about?
Me: Guys please, I'm trying to concentrate.
I: It's always you, you, you. What about me?
Myself: Oh brother here we go again!
I: What does that mean? It's always about her! I need attention.
Myself: You need a lobotomy!
I: Well you need a haircut, your hair is stupid!
Myself: Your hair is stupid.
Me: We have the same hair you idiots.
Myself: This is correct. I allowed I's illogical tactics to taint my judgement.
Me: For my sake, please stop!
Myself: Go whine somewhere else. Whining fixes nothing, just like your tendency towards violence solves nothing.
Me: Yes I, violence is what solves nothing. You guys really though, I'm happy.
Myself: I you are really getting on my nerves, stop sniveling over there.
I: Sniveling my foot. Life is nothing but death and gloom and doom.

Yeah, ok that wasn't as funny as I would think it would be.... I really need to take notes better of these debates. I'll try again when I have a better debate going on up there

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