Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Diet: Official Day One (yesterday 9/29/08)

Well, I wasn't feeling well yesterday but still stuck to my guns. For breakfast, I had a Bagelfuls by Kraft (I think) and a small orange juice. Snack was some wine grapes that were on sale at Whole Foods (yum!). Lunch was vegan "chicken" with no meat or soy, broccoli, and all sprinkled with a little bit of cheese. That was awesome! My afternoon snack was some yogurt. For dinner I fixed some imitation crab meat, one medium portabella mushroom cap, a clove of garlic and some of the broccoli I boiled up Sunday. Oh that was divine. My drinks were the orange juice, my hi*ball energy water, water, unsweet tea, an all natural soda, and one Budweiser. Like I said I'm allowing myself dairy and seafood. I stuck within my prescribed guidelines for myself and felt content with my food choices. I do want some more OJ though!


Michael said...

That actually sounds pretty good! My diet consists of weight watchers frozen meals, granola bars, the occasional apple and Coke Zero. I'm not losing any more weight though...


PitChiK said...

Your best bet is to eat what you want, but watch your calories. When you do this you are more aware about what you're actually eating. The apple is better for you than the Coke Zero and I would recommend allowing yourself one 12 oz soda a day. There was a recent study that showed people who drank diet drinks did not lose anymore weight than those who drank regular sodas as the body tastes sweet and makes up for the lack of calories by having you consume more calories. Oh and Weight Watchers meals are nasty, go Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice.

Written Drivel said...

Are you doing this diet for the sole purpose of eating healthier or a mixture of health and trying to lose weight? I just lost a lot of weight in the last year and a half and have way more to lose. So seeing that you're making the right choices is nice and encouraging. So thanks!

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PitChiK said...

I'm doing this not only for weight loss, but also for health. Diabetes runs rapid in my family and I don't want to get it because I ate like everyone else (fats, red meats, sugars, etc). Plus I like being difficult when it comes to dinner time, haha. I've always been the picky eater.