Friday, September 26, 2008

Diet Food Review: hi*ball Energy: Sparkling Energy Water

I'm trying to get past the Monster Energy drinks. I'm completely addicted to them. They taste like liquid Smarties. Those just happen to be one of my all-time favorite Halloween candies! But the high-fructose corn syrup and other additives make them bad for me and so I'm trying to find a healthier alternative. So I'm trying new energy drinks that I find at Whole Foods (see links at bottom).

The first I'm trying is called "hi*ball ENERGY" and I'm having the orange flavor. It's a sparkling water with orange flavor. A long time ago I found I hated sparkling waters due to their obnoxious flavor and texture and general bad after taste. As I'm drinking this, the only time I taste orange is the after taste. The sparkling part of the water is slightly annoying, but like coffee it will grow on you. Overall, I'd say it's ok.

For a product with only 10 calories, the "energy" for the cost is amazing. It doesn't leave you feeling gittery or spike your blood sugar like the main stream energy drinks do. One of the main reasons I'm wanting to look for a substitute for the Monsters is that diabetes runs strongly in my family, and I'm trying to avoid it via my diet. My only real complaints of the product is that it comes in a glass bottle, which some places will not allow you to have and it's only 10 oz. I'm used to my 16 oz Monster which lasts me about 2 hours. However, the fact that I'm taking in more water than suger is a facture that I take into consideration.
My recommendation is that if you like sparkling water and want to give up the mainstream energy drinks, this may be the one for you. The company has a whole line and even has mixers. I have links below. I've had difficulty just typing this one in, but had to Google it to get to the actual page.

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