Thursday, September 25, 2008

Diet Food Review: Special K Protein Water

As I begin to try new foods as I change my diet, I will write reviews of the items I have tried, especially if I hated it a lot or if I love to the extreme. Today's review is on the Special K Protein Water, the Ice Tea Flavor.

I hated it! First off, it taste like overly sweetened instant tea, which for all Southerners, is nasty. Secondly, it feels really thick in the mouth. A girl in my Grammar class last night said it has to do with the added protein and fiber, but I disagree. I've had protein enriched juices and they do not have this texture issue. It is something apparently with this product. In addition to these issues, the product states it helps with the feeling of fullness when used in conjunction with a high protein/high fiber diet, as I have, it does not.

The only person I would recommend this product to is an individual that just needs something sweet but needs few calories. This product has only 50 calories per bottle. But for that kind of intake, I'd rather have a Vitamin water which for the full bottle (not the 32 oz size though) is only 125 calories and tastes a million times better.

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