Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food Review : Annie Chun's Sushi Wrap! Kit

I'm addicted to sushi. My friend Lauren got me started on it in April and I've been addicted ever since. I'm a broke college student, so I don't have the money to enjoy it as often as I'd like, so I decided to try it after finding it at Whole Foods. On a fluke I thought to look in Walmart, since I was going to prepare it with imitation crab meat I was buying there. Walmart had it for $2.99 compared to Whole Food's $3.99. I also bought some spring rolls to have with it since this was to feed myself and my partner in crime.

I followed all the instructions provided on the packaging, which were very limited. The sticky rice sticks to everything. Overall the product is awesome for 10 pieces of sushi. However, the price is a little steep for so few pieces. My man loved it and actually used chop sticks instead of his hands or a fork! This is a big step for him =D.

I'd recommend this for someone who just wants to have the experience of having sushi at home but with the ingredients of their choosing. Next time, I'm going to make my own sticky rice and make true sushi!


Jenny said...

Oh let me know how making your own sushi turns out. I love sushi (I'm addicted big time and I'm trying to cut down since I started dieting...too much carbs). It just seems like the prep time isn't worth it considering how quickly its gone. You have to cut everything so fine. Come to Montreal. We have amazing all you can eat sushi places with high quality sushi.

PitChiK said...

From what I've read, it's best to attempt this with a rice maker. This cuts down on the time it takes and the mess.

I got a classmate from high school living in the Montreal area, I do need to get up there =D