Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dieting and Me

I've never been good with strict diets. I think one should have what they crave because you wouldn't be craving it if your body didn't need something in it. (See studies on kids that crave "inedible" things and dogs eating cat poop!) I've always just watched how much I eat of the foods I crave. It should be noted that I also have had a very limited diet until the last year because I'm so picky and finally started trying new things. I'm really on an eastern food kick.

But I've found that even with watching what I eat, limiting my soda intake to one a day (I have to have my Dr Pepper people!), and trying to limit exactly what goes into my mouth, I'm still not losing any weight. I don't have time to workout more than I do (which is yoga twice a week at school) as I work 30-40 hours a week, have four classes, and need time to do homework/eat/sleep. Also, my family members (all overweight but two) are getting diagnosed with diabetes one after another and I've come to a strong conclusion, it's time to do what needs to be done... go vegetarian.

I've already limited myself to red meat less than twice a week, and so far this week not at all. I will NEVER give up fish and seafood as I love them too much to give them up. But all the chicken and turkey (I haven't eaten pork in years) as got to go as well as the cheese. I'm still going to eat yogurt as it's a more enjoyable way to get the good bacteria my stomach needs for me to keep my gastro-intestinal functions healthy. I know there are pills with this bacteria in them, but I can't remember to take them and don't take vitamins because I always forget. I can't help it. So, starting Monday, I will post how I'm doing with this process of cutting out meat. Wish me luck in my endeavours, I'm going to need it.

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