Friday, October 23, 2009

When I'm Alone

Ready for these daydreams
To become reality
And start the grand adventure
I've only dreamed

I can't believe
This is real
That someone would
Stick by me

Yet it's true
And a bit surreal
But I wouldn't have
It any other way

When you're near
It's heaven
And when we're apart
I look to the stars

The one constant
Over us both
Over the years
The stars

The moon smiles
And the stars blink
And they do the same
Over both of us as we sleep

When I'm feeling lonely
And need reassurance
I just go outside
And look above

I know that Orion
Is in about the same spot
Over your head
As he's over mine

And Venus hangs out
With the Moon and Mars
Whether over me
Or over you

So even when
We can not talk
And there is a mandatory silence
We've got the stars & moon

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