Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jumping Conclusions

I'm at war with my mind
Trying to convince it
That nothing is wrong
Though all it does
Is jump from
Boiling vat to boiling vat
Of ill conceived conclusions
Based only on tidbits
That have seeped
Into the crevasses of my mind
And began to grow
Into weeds
Either your way
Or mine
Not allowing the peace of mind
That should be there
Silence makes them grow more
The not knowing
Is like rain and light to them
And so the conclusions
From boiling vat to boiling vat
Spreading unease
As they dribble onto the floor of my mind
I'm trying to ignore it
There is no need to pay attention
I know that everything
Will be ok
But I see those drops on the floor
I must clean it up
And then see the tidbits of doubts
And self loathing
Jumping between the vats
Make them stop!

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