Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Intuition or Fear?

My intuition has successfully predicted events outside of myself on many occasions. I will not list two of the main events, due to internet monitoring that Baby Bush put into effect, but the intuition has always been true for my personal life as well... to a point. By that I mean that I can never tell if that gut feeling that a relationship is on the rocks or that something really awesome is about to happen to me is true intuition or fear or wishful thinking.

There may be some reason for this. First, I have an overactive imagination and can dream up every possible bad thing that can happen due to one action by myself. Yeah, I'm the person visualizing a car screeching through the light as my signal turns from red to green and I enter the intersection, smashing me into the passenger seat, severing my spinal chord... Well, you get the picture. These visions do not have any relevance or truth, however, they take from the validity of true visions. I get confused as to which is true and which is just my overactive imagination.

This brings us to why I even am writing this blog. I keep getting this feeling about my relationship with my boyfriend. You know, who is to say it's not valid. We've had an interesting, if not rough at times, run. But then it could be that I'm fearful of losing this pretty wonderful man. See, there is honestly no way for me to know if it is fear or intuition! I can't trust other people's opinions on this as said opinion is shaded by their on biases as to what they think would be best or what I want to hear.

Maybe this vagueness in my visions and intuitions is for my own good then? Now I can't know exactly what's going to happen.

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An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

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