Sunday, June 28, 2009

What to Do?

I've always done what I think I need to do, no matter the cost. That is, unless the costs are love. I've been asking my long time boyfriend for the extent of our relationship, 3+ years, if he would go with me to X place. His answer, even today, is no. Usually the response would be because he didn't think the instability of our relationship wasn't worth the cost of moving. Now his excuse is worse. He told me that he can not chance not finding a job there!

It's freaking Austin! I know for a fact, he could easily find a job there! I just want the security that he would go with me. I doubt I would even get accepted into their graduate program, even with my unusual interest that will probably be my guarantee that I get in. I'm so confused. Blame this blog post on the Hydrocodone.

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Jenny Georgio-who said...

I wouldn't base my decision to go to graduate school on with my BF would come with me or not. You have to make your own decisions and if he can't come with you that is his problem. He is probably just scared of the commitment and is terrified to go.

Ditch the guy before you ditch your dreams