Thursday, December 31, 2009


So my sister has been acting fishy. My parents have been coming to me asking what is going on with her. There are two reasons for this. One: They know she talks to me. Two: They know I have a big mouth and if you ask me enough I will spill the beans. Nevertheless, after being "drilled" by my parents, I finally talked to them. Plus the entire situation is pretty stupid. I know that I probably shouldn't have said anything as it's not really my place, but at the same time I'm sick of being in the middle. I guess you guys expect the break down.

A little background: I am the oldest of four. There is my baby sister, who is my sister by blood. There is my middle sister, sister by marriage. And lastly, my baby brother, also by marriage. I've known my middle sister and baby brother since my brother was 2, so they are truly my brother and sister. Our childhoods' were not easy, none of them. But I think I can honestly say that the younger two had it much easier than me and my middle sister. We're the oldest of our respective blood families and as such took the brunt of our respectful parents' wraths. Not only did I personally deal with my mother's wrath, which was uncontrolled in earlier years, but I was abused by my biological father as well. My baby sister, on the other hand, did not suffer under our biological father's hands and got it much easier from mom. As I told my parents today, I feel that mom was closer to my baby sister than do me and I always felt that my baby sis was her favorite of us two. I can't speak on behalf of my middle sis, but I'm sure she felt the same of her baby brother. Now, mom is medicated and things are much better.

Mom now seems to favor my middle sis & baby brother, but I can see things from her perspective there too. She is probably trying to make up for how she treated them early on when our family was first melted together and as we grew up. Like I said, mom was pretty wrathful then. So when my baby sister starts going on about the abuse she has gone through from our mother, I got upset. I still do. I really get pissed, and I mean pissed, when she goes on about our biological father abuses. HE DIDN'T ABUSE YOU!!!! Like I wrote in another blog, I don't like using abuse as an excuse for being stupid. She's now using supposed abuses against her to keep her daughter from my parents and with that says "I'm not trying to punish dad but mom blah blah blah." It varies from conversation to conversation.  I don't like listening to her about this and I think my niece deserves much more than she's getting right now.  I'm not going to dwell too much but I will continue to be upset as this progresses.  I'll also update you guys about it as well.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

I think these is something else going on that either your sister isn't telling you or that your parents aren't telling you. Maybe your sister's husband has an issue with either your mom or your step dad?

A lot of times when families start to drift its because of an "inlaw" a son in law, daughter in law, mother in law...etc.

PitChiK said...

You know I talk a lot, but my mom and sister talk way more and say more than they should. I didn't include everything that's going on in this situation, some things are just best left unsaid, but my brother-in-law does have some to do with this, but not as much as you would actually think. I think my sister is using his slight displeasure in my mom's attentiveness to my sister as an excuse to exasperate the situation even more. My mom honestly doesn't know what is going on since my sister will not open up to her. I think the two really should sit down, with a mediator, and discuss exactly what in the world is going on with them. I'm so sick of being in the middle.