Tuesday, September 1, 2009

100 Things! (21-30)

So, since I can't sleep, I'll continue my 100 Things blog series. Some of this stuff you guys know. I'm hoping that somewhere I'll enlighten you though.

21) My biggest fear is mirrors in the dark. The dark doesn't bother me. Mirrors don't bother me. But you put a mirror in a dark room, like a bathroom, and I won't go in til the light is on. It's a spiritual thing, leave me be.

22) I repeat myself, a lot. I am not sure why I do. Maybe it's the fact that I've always had to But when you come from a family like mine, you don't get heard and have to repeat yourself. B doesn't seem to mind... yet, lol.

23) I also state the obvious, a lot. For some reason I find it necessary to tell people what is plainly in front of them or is, well, obvious. I think it stems from my penchant for being a know it all, lol.

24) I have a large family. I have one "blood" sister, but also have a step-sister and brother that I've known so long that I call them my brother and sister. My mom has 3 sisters who each have 2-3 kids. My grandma has a sister who has numerous kids and they all have multiple kids. I know most of them and am close to them, to one degree or another. My step-dad (dad) has a sister and a brother and they each have 2-3 kids that I'm not as close to. But that's still a lot of family members.

25) My mother is absolutely insane! Seriously! I have memories that would blow your mind, but I won't go there. Let's just leave it at, I'm the way I am mostly due to my mom. My biological father is the root of some, but my mom is the reason for the majority of my issues. I love her though, she has shaped me.

26) My dad is actually one of the quietest, and possibly craziest, people I know. He's been with my mom for 20+ years and dealt with all her insanity. He's always sat back and taken in what goes on in this house. But he's also one of the most insightful people in my life.

27) I'm typically not a very "feminine" woman. I like football, ok sports in general, really baggy clothes, beer, whiskey, and just being "one of the guys." However, there are certain people that bring out the more "feminine" side of me. These people know who they are.

28) I believe that gender isn't as black and white as male and female. There are shades of grey in between. I'm one of them. What I'm talking about is not sexuality, it's gender. The roles that have been dictated to us as we grew up only fit the black and white edges of the spectrum.

29) I'm a HUGE Chicago Bears fan. I can't completely explain it. My grandma says she was into them in the early 80s as they were "America's Team." Add in my childhood hero of Punky Brewster's show took place in Chicago, I think that may be it.

30) I love school. I love going to class, taking notes and doing homework. As much as I complain, I love it all.

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