Monday, September 14, 2009

100 Things! (31-40)

Again, sleepless, plus I am hoping that writing a small blog will get my fingers moving to type up this paper that I'm so stuck on. So, here we go:

31) I am prone to ear infections. Obviously, since I just got over one. I'm also prone to sinus infections (still getting over that). I am not sure why I am prone to these, but I always have (even before I started smoking).

32) I smoked for 12 years. I started in June of 1997. I put them down recently. Ok, I put them down the night before my trip to see B (love you dear!). Why? Cuz I made a promise to myself I'd quit when I graduate, and since B doesn't smoke, it seemed the perfect opportunity to put try not smoking. It's worked so far.

33) I like to cuss. I used be told I cussed worse than a sailor. It's not that bad anymore, too many kids around me, but I still can cuss up a blue streak. I can't help it. You should hear me during a Bears game.

34) The first video game I ever beat was Super Mario Brothers. The second game I ever beat was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The third game was one of the Sonic games. The next game I beat was Final Fantasy X... It's a bit sad really, lol.

35) I am under the impression that my biological father may have other children besides my baby sister and myself. I would not put it past him.

36) I repeat myself, a lot. I am not sure why I do. Maybe it's the fact that I've always had to But when you come from a family like mine, you don't get heard and have to repeat yourself. B doesn't seem to mind... yet, lol.

37) There are two names I hate to be called and they are "retarded" and "pussy." I am neither, but got called retarded enough growing up due to my emotional outbursts. I got called a pussy regularly when I got out of the Army. There are only a few people I can tolerate it from and that's because I know that they are truly playing and not trying to hurt my feelings.

38) Besides those, call me what ever names you want. I've developed a pretty thick skin over the years and it's a good thing cuz I like people with what appear to be "mean" senses of humor lol. My good friends all like to show they care by picking on each other. I don't mind one bit.

39) I obviously have issues with insomnia. I have for most of my life. I do my best though to keep my sleep issues from bothering those I live with. However, occasionally I am not very good at that and have been known to text people at 3 am occasionally or make too much noise. But it's such a rare occasion that I think I should be forgiven for them.

40) And despite my sleep issues, I do love to sleep! I can sleep for a good 10+ hours if I have nothing else to do. This is why I like to have a job (see #20). When I have work, I don't have any reason to just lay there and sleep, lol.

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