Monday, February 11, 2013

The Storm

There’s an ache in my soul
Driven by the pain we share
Whatever is driving us apart
Is breaking my soul in two
Driving into the rocks of despair

How did it get to this place?
Pin pointing the moment
It all fell apart
Seems to be just out of reach
No lifeboat to be seen

Tell me how we can fix this
To bring things back
To the beginning
When things were fresh
Like the spring streams

I want back my friend
The one who guided me through
The darkest of my days
But the mast has broken in two
The sails not catching

There’s a silence prevailing
Like the El Nino winds
And the downpour is flooding
My heart, breaking the levees

I want the calm
That settles after the storm
Not the one foretelling
The disastrous damage

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