Monday, February 11, 2013

The Raven

The calls through the trees
Echoing against the snow
Is it a call to action
A call to come back to the fold?
The murder waits for the response
But the raven replies not
He sits, waiting
Through the veil between words
To aid the one who calls
He chooses the one
And will go and sit
On a shoulder and whisper in their ear
Waiting in Winterland
To assist when need be
The one needs his guidance
To understand the world in the air
To enjoy the little things, shiny

The others call to him
Awaiting to hear back
He informs the murder
As he brings them back to Winterland
A  replenishing of the soul
The one has been struggling
Among the rat race of the mundane
And he needs to teach them
Another lesson about grace
In the midst of the harsh winter grip
To overcome hardship
One must face the harshest winter
As the raven survives
In the vastness of the longest season

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