Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I just saw that one of my young friends lost their husband today.  They're in their twenties and have a young daughter, and she is now a widow.  I'm crying.  I never met her or her husband, but I've been friends with her online for almost two years.  I can not imagine what she's going through, what the baby is going through.  I have no words to give her... What do you say to a young woman who just lost the love of their life?  What do you say to a 3 year old who just lost their daddy?  What do you say to a young woman who loses their husband to illness at such a young age?  I know what to say to someone who's spouse is killed in an accident or is murdered, I've been there, but what do you say to someone who loses someone at such an early age to health issues?  I have no idea


BigMikeInAustin said...

I never know what to say. I just say "I'm sorry," and, "I'm here for you." And then I try to check in with them more often, but with just a simple, "Hi," instead of "How are you feeling today."

UK said...
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