Sunday, September 11, 2011

I've seen Mary

Originally posted on Tumblr (here though no text has been changed)
This post isn’t about my religious preferences, as obviously they’re inconsequential seeing as I had a Virgin Mary experience and I am NOT Catholic.  
On December 17th, my beloved ferret Sable passed away suddenly after a very short bout with lymphoma.  I buried her on a very frosty day, digging with just a gardening spade while it was snowing, in our flower bed, just behind the AC unit that is front of the flower bed.  I placed 3 rocks as markers, 2 rocks to stay there and 1 the shape of a heart that I plan to keep taking with me every where (I’ve had this rock, it’s granite, since 2001, got it just before 9/11 actually).  Polar Bear and I would visit the rocks occasionally, and at night I would look at them when I knew my husband wasn’t going to call.  One night, before I went home for Christmas, I stood out there on the patio, near the markers, quite upset.  I looked at the markers and saw the Virgin Mary, in a red robe, holding my Sable.  Sable was at peace and Mary looked down on her smiling.  The vision was brief, but it has stuck with me.  
Friday, 8/5, I was standing on my patio.  As I stood there, a sense of foreboding struck me and as I looked out over the parking lot, the lights started going off one by one.  We’re talking, full on Constantine like stuff!  The need to say Hail Marys struck me and without thinking I began saying them.  As the words flowed from my mouth, no stopping despite the fight you could feel in the air, the lights started slowly coming back on.  As the last light came on and the fight ended, and the final Hail Mary came from my lips, a single shooting star appeared, but it was too low to be a real shooting star.  It was much lower in the sky, but not poop coming out of a plane close… it’s really hard to explain how I knew it was special, other than the strange play of events just prior, but the shooting star graced the sky as I finished the last Hail Mary.  
I know this is a huge deal, even if I was Catholic, but being a non-Catholic, I know this is a rare thing.  I am just sick of people telling me that it wasn’t Mary, Mother of God, and that it’s Mary Magdalene.  No, I am 100% sure it was the Virgin Mary, Mary, Mother of God.  I can not, for the life of me, get anyone to tell me what the significance of Mary in a red robe is.  I hope I eventually figure this out.

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