Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something Resembling a Logical Though

If this is incoherent and rambling, forgive me. It has not been properly edited and I'm writing it on my lunch break. I don't really have much to say other than I'm tired of being woke up in the middle of the night by someone/thing to find nothing there. I need to get decent headphones and an audio program that will allow me to isolate sounds in mostly white noise. I've been randomly recording the sounds in my bedroom as I sleep.

Now for the most part there is not much, except for about an hour before I wake up me farting. But in the two recordings I've listened to all the way through, starting an hour or so after I go silent, i.e. sleep, you start to hear a tapping sound. I can definitely say this is not my laptop hard drive as you can hear the fan every so often come on then go off and it's not a clock, even though it sounds like one, kind of. It is several taps, in second hand beat, but stop. There is silence and it will repeat approximately every thirty minutes to hour and half. I haven't listened closely enough to thoroughly establish a pattern.

My home is very haunted. Since moving into the house, one can hear someone walking around in the attic from time to time. Previously I would conclude this may be rodents, however, we've now established there are no longer any rodents of any kind in our attic as we've sealed all their holes and taken strict measures to make sure they do not get back into our attic. Yet the walking continues. In addition, I've watched as my door has opened on it's own and also closed on it's own. Prior to the foundation repairs made to the house, logic would dictate that it could be the uneven foundation, however, the house is level now and hinges do not have memory of their own. Also there is the sightings of our old cat Stinker followed by the strong smell of cat urine in my bathroom that comes after these sightings. (My mom locked her in the bathroom instead of having her put down when she would no longer use the litter box and wasn't eating.)

It should be noted the house next door to ours, which we lived in prior to moving into the house we currently reside in, has demons. I know this since I have seen them myself and my sisters witnessed them while babysitting the various children who have lived in that house over the last 2 decades since we moved out of that house. The activity in my house may very well be residual activity from that house, but this is not very likely. Also I dated a guy who was into Satanism while I was in high school. He "cast" demons around me to protect me, which I then had to have banished as demons really do not protect anyone. Then there was all the crazy spiritual games we played as teens not really knowing any better.

Thus the activity in our house is most likely a combination of some tragic event that transpired on our street prior to us moving there and the consequences for our stupidity as teens. In addition, my grandfather who just passed away last January has been spotted in the house and I've heard him trying to make his presence known but unable to materialize. My late fiancee only appears in the den of our house, which at one point was a garage, or in the front yard. My biological father's mother has appeared also, shortly after her death. The main ghost though is a young boy, between the ages of 6-8, who will run up and down the stairs. We have at least one picture with his face in the front door glass. It is not my little brother has the picture was taken while he was at his mother. Most pictures of the front door of our house either do not turn out or distorted in some way. Orbs are a common occurrence in pictures taken within our home.

I guess my point is, I slept like crap last night and something was trying to tell me something but I didn't record the sounds in my room (where most activity happens even before it was my room). There is the possibility that some of this is very negative indeed. I do tread carefully in what I do and keep an ear open for the signs of actual demon activity. But prayers are welcome as the children who stay in our house have nightmares regularly and I never want to sleep at home.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

You do realize exactly how freaky all of that sounded right? I really don't think I should have read this while sitting in my dark room at night thinking about trying to go to sleep.

Thanks for giving me nightmares today :( Oddly enough, I found this very intriguing!

PitChiK said...

I'm perfectly aware of how freaky it sounds, just imagine living with all that. Sorry you may have nightmares though.

Big T Rocks said...

Enjoyed reading this blog. Their is a spirit in our house as well. I'm not scared by it, most of the time if something odd happens, I tell the spirit to get lost. One time I was sitting in the dining room. My wife was asleep. A metal bowl fell onto the kitchen floor off of the countertop. My first thought was that old spirit was up to no good again! I went into the kitchen and said, "you had me scared for about 10 seconds"!

PitChiK said...

Thanks. I'm not really scared of anything that happens as I know that I have God on my side. But I do hate having my sleep interupted and I am a jumpy individual by nature so the bumps & smells get me stressed sometimes. I'm trying to arrange to have someone come in with more knowledge that me (as I don't have time to learn more than I already do) and investigate the situation for us.