Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm going to complain

As much as I whine, I really don't complain.  Right now, I want to complain.  Why is it that everyone wants you to come over to their place but they'll never come hang out with you?  I'm not talking about anyone in particular. I'm just venting.  I'm lonely and bored, despite having tons to do around the house.  I was looking forward to going out tonight, but the plans got changed.  I'm not upset about that, not at all actually, I'm upset that every fuckin time I ask anyone to come over and just visit, no one ever does.  Now, if others want me to come visit do I?  Usually I do unless I'm sick or I'm tired of hanging out with that person because they've been annoying me.  Anywho!  I just don't get why I have to beg for people to hang out with me and then no one will anyways.  People say that they like me and that I'm one of the best friends they've ever had and yet I can't get people to hang out with me at my house.  I'm so proud of myself for having this wonderful place, keepin it up, and NOT living with my parents.  I'm not sure why people don't want to come to my house, but it does bug me.  And yes, I'm cryin over here.  I don't need people feeling sorry for me, but damn.

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