Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am humbled

I asked some friends to read a thing I was asked to write.  What I had to write isn't what this is about.  No this is about the responses I got back from my friends that have me counting my blessings and knowing exactly what it is to be humbled in praise.

I often hear from people how they think that I'm cool or awesome, but those words are easily thrown around and besides, I say them all the time!  However, hearing that I'm some's rock and other's hero makes me feel a way that I've never felt and that can only be described as humble.  I'm not worthy of such praise.  I do my best to be there for everyone and give advice that is relevant to a person's situation.  I relate it to my own experiences to show why I think it will work.  I don't think anything of it and never realized just how much I have apparently helped people.  I don't do it for the feeling, I do it cuz I really do love helping people when I can.  And the praise I've received has produced a different feeling in me.

I would usually expect a feeling of pride.  A feeling that of pride based in the fact that I have helped someone and they like me for it.  But this is not pride.  I bow my head at the compliments and smile shyly as they comments come to me and say "this is what I'm here for."  I even feel like I'm bragging by writing this.  But I'm not.  I've just never felt humble like this before.  It's such a foreign feeling for me, that if I was a robot, my processors would short circuit.  (Yes, that's a bad joke right there, you may laugh)

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